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It's not always easy to plan travels with a pet, and not all pet shippers are the most affordable. We've launched the world's first pet travel agency dedicated to guiding you through all stages of your traveling journey. Schedule a consultation with our pet travel expert and get 1-year access to our exclusive pet travel planner.

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It's like having a pet travel expert
at your disposal, 24/7

Say goodbye to the hours spent scouring the internet for pet travel information that is contradictory and causes frustration. Pawtrip was built by certified pet shippers, powered by ChatGPT, and provides you specific answers -- without breaking the bank.

Save precious time & money

Get immediate answers to your questions around the clock, no matter where you are in the world, with our 24/7 AI assistant.

Reduce confusion & headaches

Get quick and personalized recommendations for your upcoming trips that are sourced and verified by pet travel experts.

Get $500+ in pet travel perks

Get access to $500 worth of top pet travel products to ensure your pet travels safely and comfortably around the world.

pawsome features

We designed this in-app planner for traveling pet parents like you

All your pet travel needs are centralized in the Pawtrip app, so that you can find the best way to plan your upcoming trip with the safest, most comfortable itinerary for both you and your pets.

Local and international travel itineraries

Whether you seek inspiration for your next pet-friendly getaway or a detailed itinerary, our AI-powered solution has you covered. Simply ask the Pawtrip AI assistant to create a travel plan with your preferences and immediately get creative ideas for your pet-friendly trip in seconds.

Pet-friendly flights & hotels

Choose from a selection of 400 pet-friendly airlines and a staggering 165,000 pet-welcoming hotels, all backed by our service guarantee. Our in-app functionality allows you to find the right flight and lodging for you and your pets, so that you can feel rest assured on best options for your excursions.

Boarding and pet-sitting services

Traveling with your pets might also mean hiring pet-sitting services or temporary boarding, so we've made sure to partner with the best boarding facilities, so you can plan the logistics you need for a smooth and fun, pet-friendly trip.

Pet travel insurance coverage

Elevate your peace of mind by adding an extra layer of protection to your pet-friendly journey. We've partnered with the top insurance providers to build a custom product that offers you pet travel coverage, which covers your pet's flight, hotel fees, and more -- so you can have more peace of mind when you travel.

Pet travel products & services

Having access to certified pet travel services is the key to our in-app travel planning experience. Search and book international pet health certificates, boarding, pet sitting, and more, all through Pawtrip's app. Have suggestions for your preferred services? Send those over to our team so we can include them.
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Here's what traveling pet parents have to say about Pawtrip...

"Pawtrip has been a game-changer for Buddy and me! We recently took a road trip, and thanks to Pawtrip's AI recommendations, we found the most amazing pet-friendly destinations and accommodations. It made our journey stress-free and memorable."
Mary P.
pet parent of buddy
"As a pet parent, Luna's well-being is my top priority when we travel. Pawtrip's pet travel insurance has been a lifesaver. It covered Luna's unexpected vet visit during our last trip, and the process was incredibly easy. I can't thank Pawtrip enough for their support."
Jessica H.
pet parent of luna
"Bella and I are avid travelers, but booking pet-friendly flights used to be a hassle. Pawtrip changed the game for us. We booked our last flight through Pawtrip, and it was smooth sailing all the way. Plus, the pet insurance they offer gave us peace of mind. We're loyal Pawtrip users now!"
Heather M.
pet parent of bella
"Max and I recently moved internationally, and the paperwork was overwhelming. Pawtrip's pet travel services were a godsend. They guided us through the process of obtaining the necessary health certificates, and we even found reliable pet boarding services through them."
Theresa B.
pet parent of max
"Whiskers and I adore Pawtrip! The personalized itineraries have taken our adventures to the next level. Plus, the member discounts have saved us a ton of money!"
Andrew C.
pet parent of whiskers
"I can't thank Pawtrip enough for the peace of mind it provided during our cross-country move with Cocoa. The AI pet travel assistant ensured that all the paperwork was in order, from health certificates to permits. It even recommended pet-friendly hotels along the way!"
Logan R.
pet parent of cocoa

Start planning the smoothest
pet-friendly trip in seconds

Join the Pawtrip community today and embark on unforgettable pet-friendly adventures with confidence. Let us take the guesswork out of pet travel, so you can focus on creating lasting memories with your cherished companion. Travel smart, travel with Pawtrip.

(1) 30-minute session with a pet agent
1-year access to planning platform
Book pet-friendly flights, hotels & more
Discounted pet reservations included
$500 worth of pet travel discounts
Customized recommendations
Get tailored travel recommendations based on  your pet's specific needs, such as breed, size, and health considerations.
Discover nearby
Discover pet-friendly destinations with nearby veterinary clinics, emergency services, and pet-friendly restaurants.
Immediate answers
Streamline the process by getting instant answers to your questions and generating itineraries, saving you valuable time.
Documentation assistance
Organize essential travel documents, vaccination records, health certificates, and permits required for traveling with pets.
Budget-friendly options
Find budget-friendly options for pet accommodations, transportation & activities, making pet travel more cost-effective.
Cultural insights
Gain insights into pet-related customs and norms in different countries, helping you navigate cultural differences.

What sets Pawtrip apart from other pet travel solutions?

Pawtrip stands out for its personalized approach, offering tailored recommendations for your pet's travel needs. For pet parents, our subscription provides peace of mind, time savings, and cost-effective options for pet-friendly travel.

How does Pawtrip save me money?

With Pawtrip, you gain access to exclusive member discounts on pet travel products and services, potentially saving you over $500 annually. Also, having Pawtrip is like having an extended pet shipper at the palm of your hand, allowing you to get immediate answers to questions you have about your trips. And saving you time is saving you money; because we all know time is money.

Can Pawtrip assist with international pet travel?

Absolutely! Pawtrip provides guidance on international pet travel, including documentation, pet-friendly accommodations, and airlines. We make sure your pet's journey across borders is seamless and stress-free. In fact, Pawtrip's product was built by a team that traveled internationally often with their pets, and that's one of the core functionalities is to help pet parents travel around the world with ease.

When is the mobile app going to be available? 

We are working on releasing the mobile app on iOS App Store and Google Play Store by November 1, 2023 in order to give our customers more ease in planning their pet-friendly travel experiences on the go. Stay tuned for updates on the release and exclusive mobile launch discounts too!